David Wheeler on High School sports

Sometimes, it is nice to check up on yourself.
Back in August, I wrote in my 18-Wheeler column, attempting to predict 18 of the best games for this high school football season, most of them involving Northeast Mississippi teams.
For Oct. 12, one of my three picks was Baldwyn at Bruce. I also added that this was the second of three important games for Division 1-2A.
Well here we are on the calendar, and the biggest game in the area is – Baldwyn at Bruce.
Baldwyn did its part in Game 1 of my 1-2A calculations, beating Calhoun City 15-14 a couple of weeks ago. Also, Baldwyn has flown a bit under the radar with its challenging pre-division schedule.
Besides tests from Class 3A Water Valley, and 4A Houston, Bruce has been a bit under the radar as well – up till now.
Enjoy sports fans.
Just for the record, the other two games I picked back in Aug. for Oct. 12 were Amory at Shannon and Lafayette at New Albany.
Amory at Shannon wakes up the memories of a great rivalry. Itawamba AHS seems to have taken control of 1-4A, but this is still for playoff positioning.
To a degree, same for Lafayette at New Albany in 2-4A. Actually, Lafayette is angling toward another division crown, but Noxubee County looms as a specter for all North 4A teams.
Funny I should mention Noxubee, which hosts Houston in 4-4A. Houston gets a taste of 4A championship football this week.
Absolutely one other contest worth mentioning is in 1-5A with Saltillo hosting West Point.
Be honest, how many of you had this contest circled as a battle for first place in this division? Much credit should go to the Saltillo players and coaches for the success they’ve had so far, especially in 1-5A.
Just to remind everyone, West Point might be one of those teams that is a bit under the radar within the whole of Mississippi. Throw out a last-second field goal in a 12-10 loss to South Panola, and a 6-0 loss to Noxubee County, and West Point would be on the end of many sportswriters pencils when writing about the best teams in the state this season.
Win or lose, Saltillo has a great shot at the playoffs this season. Enjoy the ride.
P.S. Yes I know I did not mention a couple of classes, including 3A. Next week, 1-3A and 2-3A will have a couple of the top-billed games in the area.

David Wheeler has been contributing to the high school sports coverage of the Daily Journal since 1985.


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