Pregame Notebook: Shannon at Tupelo

Blake Long has a preview for Shannon at Tupelo in tomorrow’s Daily Journal. Here’s a sample.

Tupelo coach David Bradberry on playing Shannon:

“It’s a big game. Neighbors playing each other for bragging rights. It don’t matter what Shannon and Tupelo play, if it’s tiddlywinks, it’s still competitive.” 

Bradberry on the Tupelo offense, which was held to 45 total yards last week against Starkville:

“It’s still a work in progress. We’re working as hard as we can to rush it up. It’s a slow process and sometimes we’re not as patient as we need to be. You have to tweak it every week. Our goal every week is to keep our defense off the field. Our guys are focused and I think we had a good week. We gotta have some guys be playmakers and we’ve got to put them in the right spot.”

Shannon coach Darryl Carter on returning home (coached at Tupelo from 2004-08)
“It’s going to be great. I’m excited to go back. There are major implications with this game.”
Carter on his team playing better after a 55-0 win over West Lowndes last week:
“We’re rolling here a little bit. We just finished drives and didn’t kill ourselves. The main thing is cutting down on the mistake side and they’re seeing what the offense is capable of. They’re amped up for the game and I’m amped up for the game.”

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