Amory – Mooreville extras

Thanks to Brad Locke for the overtime effort from Amory Friday. Amory beat Mooreville 48-14 in the season-opener but did a lot of it on the ground. Last season’s passing attack was the state’s most prolific. Looks like the Panthers are a bit more versatile this season.

Mooreville coach Kevin Austin:

Amory ran early: “I knew they were going to try to establish the run a little more this year, I felt like since Forest (Williams) was gone. You need a running game, and I thought that they would try to work on that a little bit tonight. That’s a perfect example of what happens when you get youth versus experience. We were young, we played a lot of guys, and a lot of guys are kind of shell-shocked a little bit. We’ll get better from it. Down the road it’ll help us.”

Too many athletes. “We were out-classed. That’s a good football team. They’ve got athletes everywhere, and we knew that coming in. We knew it was going to be a big struggle.”

Amory receiver Dario Robinson had only one catch for 15 yards but ran in a pair of TDs in the first half. Jon David Poss had a fine debut taking over for Forest Williams, with 210 yards on 12 of 19 passing and a TD. He rushed for 55 yards and two TDs.

Amory coach Trent Hammond:

No Forest Williams, but didn’t skip a beat “We played with a fast intensity in the first half, and that’s the things we want to stress to do. Our defense played really well under (new defensive coordinator Patrick) Schoolar. I’m tickled he’s done what he’s advertised tonight. So I’m excited about this, I’m excited about our chances. But hey, we’re only 1-0, and we’re only guaranteed one win now. We’ve got 10 more to go. I’m not the kind of guy to get happy and be pleased with that. We’ve got a lot of work to do. And we’ve got to get better if we want to beat teams down the road.”

Running Robinson early: “We wanted to get the ball in his hands. We want to be versatile. We want to be a team that doesn’t come out here and say, hey, you can key on one guy. We’ve got five really good players out there on the edge, and we wanted the ball in their hands. We’ve got to figure out ways, and if you want to cover Dario, we’ve got to try to do something else, and we’ve got kids that I think can do it. We’ve got kids that have really worked hard for us, and I’m excited.”

On Poss’ play: “There were some things that we’ve got to do better. There’s no glaring fault that jumps out at you. There are things mechanically, like throwing off his back foot at times. But that comes with being a 10th-grader.”

Dario Robinson:

On running the ball: “I learned in practice, you run the ball all the time in practice and just learn how to hit the hole. Everything’s just going good. I like running the ball. It don’t matter, as long as I get the ball.”

On Poss: “He did real great. I like his attitude. He came into the game prepared, he was mentally prepared in the locker room. He came out and showed it, and he played big.”


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