Cutting room floor: Oxford 17, Shannon 0

Had too many words to print. Here are some tidbits from Oxford’s 17-0 jamboree win against Shannon at Ole Miss.

  • Shannon opened the game with a long drive that included a first-down run on third-and-15 for quarterback Devin Gilleylen, who shared time with John Thomas Peugh.
  • After Shannon linebacker Thomas Walters stopped Oxford running back Jarius Barnes on third-and-inches, Nick Brown caught a pass, made a move and ran 15 yards to the 4. Barnes punched it in on the next play. Earlier in the drive, Oxford QB Parker Adamson found Joey Walden for 19 yards on third-and-18.
  • A pair of flags aided Oxford’s second scoring drive.
  • Shannon OLB Walters had three tackles for loss. “He gets to the ball well,” Shannon coach Darryl Carter said. “I’m trying to get the other guys to get to the ball ike he does.”

    b speck

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