Chatting with New Albany coach Ron Price

New Albany started 2012 football practice with four straight days of two-a-days. The Bulldogs had a filmed scrimmage Saturday.

“Film is the best teacher. When kids see themselves making mistakes, it helps them to realize what they’re doing wrong,” New Albany coach Ron Price said.

Price said good practices followed the film session. New Albany’s coaching staff hasn’t gone through a lot of turnover recently, making practices flow better and the short time between practice and live action easier to handle.

Two weeks lead to preseason jamborees – New Albany hosts Kossuth tonight – and real action starts the next week.

“To play after just practicing two weeks, it lets the kids compete against somebody other than themselves. I really like it like that. The kids are ready to hit somebody else and see a different opponent,” Price said. “It’s good it’s a two-quarter scrimmage. I’d hate to be playing for real but it’s good to see where you stand before you do it for real.”


There are a couple of offensive live positions up for grabs and the coaching staff is still trying to find the right four receivers for the spread system.

“We’ve got about 10 kids competing for it and each day somebody different stands up and makes a play,” Price said of the receiver battle. “That’s what we want to see Friday against a quality opponent, who will get out there and mix it up when somebody different is standing across from you.”

Nine guys came back defensively and Price said five young guys are pushing hard for playing time.

At running back, Boston Newsome returns from a 1,500-yard season.

“He’s just a hard-working kid. The kids really look up to him because he pushes himself so hard. That makes them want to push themselves even more,” Price said.

QB Spencer Day: “He’s a great leader and I love having him at quarterback. The kids see him too working harder than anybody. He’s the first one to practice each day. He’s the last one to leave. It makes me feel good that our quarterback is that kind of kid, that you can build your offense around that guy,” Price said.

TE/DE Austin Howard: “He’s probably our best overall football player. He’s just very talented. He’s had a change of attitude this summer for the better. His attitude has been really good. If he’ll lead in the right direction, other kids will follow him. Hopefully that will carry over to Friday nights when it matters the most. He’ll push those guys and have them ready to play,” Price said.

C/DT Walter Smith: “On the scrimmage film, he was really pursuing the ball on defense and hitting his blocks on offense. I’ve been very impressed with his leadership ability, moving to the offensive line (played primarily defense last season) and communicating with the younger guys next to him trying to get them in the right position,” Price said.

OG/DT Devonte Bradley: “He can dominate both sides of the football and we’re just challenging him to play every single snap. We don’t need him taking plays off.”

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